From this point, you can see to the west, remnants of a sidewalk that, in 1928 was part of the planned westward extension of the West Terrace neighborhood.  West Sheridan Place was the only street that was actually developed, including grading and sidewalks all the way west to the Skokie River.  The tall cottonwood trees to the west were likely planted as someone’s front yard street trees and along its length, there are three fire hydrants – still functional. The depression of 1929 put an end to this development after which new wetland regulations prevented a resumption of the project.  Much to our delight. 

The fabled North Shore Line, an electric railway sent a spur that included the north-west portion of the Reserve. 

A marble-cutting operation once occupied what is now the Mariani Landscape office to the north. To the south, the Kelley estate kept horses along the riverside and monks who resided in what would become Harrison House kept vineyards nearby.